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 Laust - Harbinger of Balance

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PostSubject: Laust - Harbinger of Balance   Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:20 pm

Miyuro Seimei

Hunter: No
Homeland: Republic of East Gorteau - Dunes
Group Name:

Age: 53
Height: 6’4”
Weight:137 lbs

Appearance: Laust was born as normal as can be. His hair was a light colored brown, eyes hazel, skin tone a fair tan feature. He stood very tall when he became a teenager standing 5 feet, 8 inches, body at an average size for an adolescent. It wasn’t until the incident his body lost all its originality, flesh burnt to the red meat, muscles leaner, hair lost from the blaze. Both eyes sealed shut, lips crooked to a leftward arch. Standing now at 6'4" he could be visualized as the grim reaper himself.

When it comes to clothing, he has only long, hooded wardrobes, usually gray or pitch black. They do well shadowing and veiling his entire burnt body save for his fearsome hazel eyes, ever so reflective in the night.
Lifestyle: Laust is a lost mind in a lost world. He believes he really is Laust, the Harbinger of Balance; a demi-god for an old lore and religion long forsaken. He believes that the world has to be humble and in peace. In order to do so, he must get rid of those who do evil or use good to gain certain power, which can be deceptive. He accepts assassination calls, but they must be morally driven. If not, he will take out the one who called him to take a hit on someone who was of no wrongdoing. If he is called by a wrongdoer to take out another wrongdoer, he will take out both without telling the one who called him that he just “turned himself in” practically. When he kills, it’s called banning. When wrongdoers are dead he calls them exiles. When one dies to his ability, he believes they are sent to an endless light, akin but opposite to an abyss, and cannot do violence and just live there lamely.
• Assassin
• sheep herding

Inventory & Rations:
• -bag of food
• Cartridge of orange juice

Hatsu Type(s): Specialization/Manipulation/Materialization

Hatsu Information: Laust’s special ability allows him to summon a large, concrete gate from behind. This gate has only two pillars which light up a blinding white light in between. It absorbs the entire background’s light, rendering everything around to pitch darkness. This “gate” Laust controls allows him to summon creatures from its realm of light and allow them to capture targets and lead them to the light. It is akin to critical damage when led inside. Creatures of the Light vary in size but are no larger than an elephant and no smaller than an eagle.

Cost: He must pray up to and no more than once everyday.

The life of the infamous Laust can be deceiving. Many who know his name have separate stories to say about him. Nonetheless, the real story of Laust began when was born as young Miyuro Seimei. His mother and father were both nomadic sheep herders, with nothing to eat but bread and nothing to drink but milk throughout the deserts they’ve journeyed over.

Since his youth, his mother taught him the religion of Laust; a Demi-God known to ascend those who have come across his path. Usually his path sits in the wrong in order to stop the channels trekked by the wrongdoers. So his life was endangered however immortalized through each trial. He finally ascended when he captured the man who was the root of all evil, creating balance for the entire world, so that there is no total evil but also no total good, but keep everything sporadic. And for a time, human beings lived as sporadic people because of his “Ultimatum Trials”.

When Miyuro became a teenager, he found himself lost in a forest he knew little about. It was his first day herding. His father was proud, and so was his mother who gifted him a ribbon-made and bead-embroidered necklace. She gave it to him for good luck. Sadly, Miyuro was caught up in the middle of a drug trade, facing reality of the real world in a flash, not knowing what was going on in the area. An explosion took place as a man behind him found Miyuro and was about to shoot but stepped over a mine, erupting right under his foot but lifting Miyuro several feet in the air.

The result had been catastrophic, and Miyuro was left for dead for two days. On the third day, an old-age monk found Miyuro on the ground, immobile and in pain. As modest and kind as many monks in the area, the monk helped Miyuro, took him to a close doctor that he knew, and later escorted him to his shrine. There Miyuro would remember only tidbits of his memories, all in blurs, but know all about Laust. In fact, the story made it as if he knew he was Laust, without a doubt in his mind.

Laust explained who he was and the priest respected his wishes for identification. Nonetheless, he taught Laust on how to be a priest, following the doctorine to be at peace and also bring peace. It took more than 30 years for Laust to realize the world was not going to completely be at peace and figured the deception of peacemakers to use their goodness for greed and power. So he devoted to become what he was in the lores: Laust, the Harbinger of Balance.

The priest wished for him not to be what he once was, and let peace ease its way in, but Laust figured if he were to bring humility, he must shame and [i]banish[i] the selfish.

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Laust - Harbinger of Balance
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